The World According To Stefano Romano

The Beginning

At an early age he begun to draw fantasy creatures until high school, where
he developed a new style and content in ink drawings. As a distinguished
artist in his high school, he was given a hallway to paint a mural with free rein
in subject. Controversy started when a teacher and students found quotes
from Bob Marley "drug related" and demanded from his art teacher, to cover
them up. The Mural was painted over his senior year  but the problem
remains that under institutions like the public school system the creative spirit
of artists are compromised. With this website Stefano Romano wishes to
showcase his artistic endeavours uncensored, as well as, provide a home for
materials and information that inspire the arts.  
  • Extensive gallery in various
  • Weekly updated cartoon
  • Links to content related websites
The Present

Stefano Romano resides in California. He has begun
working in water colors and continues to draw in black
The Future

This website will serve as a platform for Stefano Romano
to display his newest drawings and approaches to art. He
plans on developing  new cartoons loosely based on his
life and current events. He also wishes to provide links to
websites he finds interesting and inspiring to his artistic
The World According to
Stefano Romano