Personal Statement by Stefano Romano:

My business in this life is to share my experiences and show
people what I see on a day-to-day basis.

"I want  to show people  the world as the way I see it"

I started drawing as far back as I could remember and I've
continued to doodle and sketch in class, at home and even in  my
head, sometimes. There is no limit to what I can imagine when I
actually stop to think about stuff outside the box; sometimes I
think I have too much creativity for one person. I never run out of
ideas but I always hear someday I  will and I would like to prove
people wrong and not stop producing art until I die.

People always ask me where I come up with the stuff I draw.
Most of  them come from my family and their addictions to
everything from weed and alcohol to food, coffee and video
games. Everyday stuff  can be harmful for children and adults to
see and I feel I've seen way  too much in my life. My mom died
when I was 3 and so after that life just seemed fucked, like there
is no real love out there, especially  when you see that
relationships don't last. On top of  that, all I see is death because
people die way too often for me, so I guess you could say I am
used to it. I have  too many feelings bottled up inside of me and I
don't like using words cause it never comes out right. I draw to  
express myself but even then people tell me how to feel. I am
here just  to hear people's opinion about  my art  and I like it good
or bad, it helps me grow and look at life different. All I want  is
people to see, think and
feel something when they look at  my art.
That's the only thing that matters even though some people might
see my art  in a negative way or actually feel worse. I hope you
can understand where I come from and how I look at things and
be inspired to think about life differently.
About Me