Videos Are Of Pics
That Are For Sell
"Can't See??
Right Click On
The Video
And Press
Zoom Then Hit
Full Screen
"Make Sure To Hit
Play On The Video
"Black & White
Pics Are Sold
Colored Pics
Are Sold For

"All Sold Pics Are
If Interested Go
To My Side Bar
And Click
Contact Me And
Send Me A
Message Telling
Me What Pic.
You Are
Interested In
"If You Can't See A
Image Good Enough
That You Are
Interested In I Can
Send You A Better
"  :)

The Color Pics Are
Scanned So They
Don't Look The Best
But I Can Send You A
Better Copy If You
Contact me
"First 4 Videos
Are B&W
And The Last
Video Is
# 1
# 2
# 3
# 4
# 5