starving artist. I just want to tell you about my life story
because I am looking for help in my life journey. I haven’t
had that many people to turn too for help and this is kind
of my last hope in getting help from others. I don’t want to
come off as a beggar or anything; I am just trying to be
me. Well, it’s hard to talk about my life but here it goes;
when I was little, like 3 or 4 my mom had cancer and I was
too young to understand what that meant.  After awhile I
was wondering why I didn’t see her that much and it was
because she was going back and forth from hospitals and
to our grandmother’s house. When I came to realize what
this all meant it was too late. She passed away before I
ever got to know who she was. Life was hard after that.
My dad still had one house and was still paying it off,
while raising three kids and dealing with his wife pasting.
I imagined it was the hardest thing to go through as a
human. My grandmother helped him out with the bills and
stuff for a year or so but it wasn’t enough. We ended up
losing our house to the bank. I still wonder to this day
what kind of government we have that would let this
happen. Take a man’s house, who is trying to take care of
his family. At this point my grandmother took us in too her
house and we lived there. But as quick as the move
happened, it was time for me and my older brother to start
school. That was a little hard to have so many changes in
life but my dad pushed us to go to school and stay, even
though we wanted to run away every second. School was
ruff for me but eventually I got the hang of how school
worked, what it meant to go to school. Also I wanted to
make my dad proud by getting good grades and I didn’t
want him to be worried about me because he had enough
on his plate. I started to notice I would draw in second
grade and that people actually took notice that I was good,
which made me feel happy that I was known for
something. Year after year I ended up getting better and I
started drawing in note books in 10th grade that’s when I
knew I wanted to be an artist as my career in life. Then in
11th grade my art teacher really began to notice my talent
and enjoyed how I could make characters and the way I
used my color. She asked me to do a mural for the school
on three walls and I accepted it. I started painting after I
drew a few things. I began to get complaints and
compliments about my art. One teacher said I was on
drugs and I was drawing demons and evils things. Once I
drew a Rasta, I was accused of smoking marijuana and
promoting it. At the time I never had used drugs but he
made it such a big deal that he wanted to paint white over
my art. He complained to my principal and she told me
nothing would happen to my art. I believed her and
everyone else at that school really enjoyed my art. I
inspired to be an artist and someone to represent that
spirit to create art. I wanted to inspire others’ creative
drive to become an artist after seeing my art. I was doing
that and there was only one person who didn’t like it.
During my summer break of senior year, I found out that
the teacher was giving permission to paint over all of my
work and all the other teachers fought for my art to be
there. The principle gave him the go-ahead, so that all my
art ended up going down. I was so shocked and hurt that
an “art school” would take down art I decided I could not
go there anymore. I dropped out of school and didn’t
know what I wanted to do. During this time in my life, I
had lost my house yet again when my grandmother died a
year before my senior year. She left the house we lived in,
divided between her seven children and her kids wanted
their money. They didn’t care about where I, my brothers
and dad would live. We lost the house and were given
money. My brothers and I moved out and my dad lived
separately. I had bills to pay and no money to pay them so
I starting working. After awhile, I still had a lot of art
finished and I wanted to start my own website, to
showcase my art. Today it is known as
, where for the past year I have been putting new art up
and working a job to support my dad who now lives with
us. I feel like I am stuck in a hole of life and I am trying so
hard to make a future for myself. I have lost a lot and
gained a lot. I am just asking in this letter to let you get to
know me and see if you could help me out. I want to later
on in life help other people with my art and life and I need
a helping hand along the way. I am just hoping you get
this and actual read it and write back to me. I need help
for people to hear my voice and thank you for listening. I
hope to hear from you soon…
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